Saturday, July 30, 2016

daughterlover: While she lay on the bed, completely naked except for her sheer black stockings and the blindfold she’d been instructed to wear, her skin was suddenly covered in goose bumps from the excitement of what was about to happen - she was going to be fucked by the stranger she’d met online. She had no idea what he looked like or who he was, but she loved their dirty chats where she’d pretend to be his daughter and he’d fuck her against her will. They were finally meeting up after she agreed to his conditions about waiting for him like this: blindfolded and naked. She heard him unlock the hotel door and then undress. She nervously asked if it was him and he just grunted his confirmation as his lay on top of her, positioned his hard cock up against her pussy - already soaking wet from anticipation - and pushed himself all the way in. She gasped as the stranger started to give her the best fuck of her life; so over-whelmed with desire that she didn’t notice he wasn’t wearing a condom. And then she had the strangest feeling she knew this man. He smelled familiar and there was something about the way his body felt pressed against her that remind her of… of what was it? Then it hit her - it reminded her of how it felt when her father hugged her. “Oh my God Daddy? Is that you? Like, really you?” He smiled and knew now was the time to remove her blindfold. Father and daughter stared into each others eyes and were overcome with how good it felt to final be together like this. She wanted to be angry at him for his deception, but instead took her father’s face in her hands and surrendered to the most intense orgasm of her life as he bucked his hips violently into her and she felt his cum blast deep into her young fertile womb. She wasn’t sure if she could ever trust her father again, but she was bound to him forever now and sure as hell was going to continue fucking him.

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